Greenberg Turkey Waiting for the Sides

Three years in a row. I’d say it is becoming a tradtion. This Louisiana family has ditched the fried turkey and has begun ordering smoked ones from Greenberg’s in Tyler, TX. They’ve been one of Oprah’s favorite things. They’ve been featured in the New York Times. They’ve been around since 1940, but I just recently discovered them.

Thanksgiving 2015

Since I didn’t have to spend time brining & cooking the turkey, I had time to do a little food styling for the first time ever on the turkey platter. (I love that one Greenberg reviewer referred to the smoked turkey as “mahogany-colored.”

This is what Thanksgiving looks like when your daughter is in medical school — getting in a little studying time before the big feast.

This is not a promotion. I am not getting paid to do this but check out Greenberg at their clever domain.

Feeling blessed on Thanksgiving

Local Tomatoes Year-Round at The Tomato Place in Vicksburg, Mississippi



The Tomato Place in Vicksburg, Mississippi has got to be the quirkiest produce stand I’ve been in. If you didn’t know exactly where you were going you would think you stumbled upon a boiled peanut place.

I suppose they sell those, but the specialty is locally produced tomatoes, every day of the year, summer or winter. On my first visit, the tomatoes were from five hours away  in south Alabama, the lady at the register promised. The next visit they came from just an hour away at a hydroponic produce farm in Flora, north of Jackson.

There were sweet potatoes in grocery carts, bags of satsuma oranges everywhere. The owners clearly have not attended a workshop on signage or packaging. The house sauce “Mississippi Fever” is sealed in Corona beer bottles. Mississippi honey is in milk jugs. Besides the produce and homemade jams and sauces, there are hand carved walking sticks, New Orleans jazz CDs, fresh fruit smoothies and all-day breakfast.

Mississippi Fever   Mississippi Honey

And then there is lunch, which I will have to explore on another trip. Tomatoes figure prominently — from the “sink sandwich” of tomatoes, mayonnaise and bread to an assortment of BLTs, including the fried green tomato BLT.

I don’t know what it has to do with tomatoes or food, but I liked this lighted sign inside.

Bicycle Sign-The Tomato Place

The Tomato Place is on U.S. Hwy 61, about 3.5 miles south of the Mississippi Welcome Center at I-20.