A 60-Year-Old Who Acts Like She’s 6

Between one daughter’s wedding plans, garden planting, my husband’s retirement, and other daughter’s impending pharmacy school graduation, I am faced with the reality that I am turning 60 this month.

It’s a milestone birthday, not quite old enough to draw Social Security but way too old to do some things like rollerskate (or, heck, just get up off the sofa easily on some days).


I don’t know what I expected 60 to look like when I was young but truth is at 60 I still like to do the things I did when I was six. Such as:


Ride My Bicycle. This has even increased over the years. I read one report that the biggest increase in bicycle riding during the years ahead will be coming from women between 60 and 80. I’ve joined this club and have plenty of company of people—both men and women—in that age group.


Eat Way Too Much Popcorn. It was my favorite snack growing up. True story: I once got a popcorn kernel stuck in my ear that had to be extracted by the doctor. Today, I have quit buying microwave popcorn, and have rediscovered how wonderful it tastes popped on top of the stove. Frugal as I am, I rarely complain about the price of movie popcorn and can usually polish off a big tub by myself.


Sing Jesus Loves Me. I have the pleasure of teaching first graders at my church. These children are 50 years younger than me, but I still love sitting in the little chairs, coloring and talking about Bible stories. We don’t sing Jesus Loves Me enough now, but today I’m singing along while listening to Mary Beth Carlson playing on Pandora’s Solo Piano Radio station.



The other day I was looking through some old papers and found my progress report included with my kindergarten graduation certificate in May 1963. I had just turned six then, but a lot of what my teacher, Charlene Davidson, wrote is true today.


“She is different from a lot of the children in that she doesn’t ever seem to need to please other children to be happy herself. … If some of the little girls don’t include her in their playing, it rarely seems to bother Jane—she just finds something else to do.”


Well, truth be told, I have gone through stages of people pleasing in my life but hopefully I’ve come back around to those kindergarten days.


So it’s true.


Ride my bicycle. Enjoy popcorn. Sing “Jesus Loves Me.” Be yourself.


Like the book says, “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.”


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  1. Very nice column, Jane! You wear 60 very well. Those little girls did not know what they were missing. You were the most interesting one.

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