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Kickstands and Nightstands: Wheels of Wisdom

The time between the New Year’s and MLK holidays is sort of a grace period for getting those New Year’s Resolutions right.

It’s time to get serious now.

Many of  you have vowed to read the Bible every day or have a daily quiet time.  If you’re still looking for a devotional book for 2018, I’ll suggest one.

Wheels of Wisdom: Life Lessons for the Restless Spirit by Tim and Debbie Bishop.

I was drawn to this couple’s story for a couple of reasons. They married for the first time when they were both 52. Their honeymoon was a cross-country bicycle tour across the United States.

You don’t have to be a cycling enthusiast to benefit from their 52 lessons. You may, however, question the “wisdom” of a long bicycle tour as a honeymoon, particularly since it was self-supported (just the two of them) and they didn’t really prepare with an organized training regimen.

Not wisdom, but maybe insanity.

Instead, they gained physical strength as they cycled an average of 67-68 miles each day along mountains and flatlands, back roads, trails and sometimes interstates.

Wheels of Wisdom

Tim and Debbie share experiences from their 2010 honeymoon trip and two subsequent cross-country cycling trips and how each relates to a deeper life lesson.  The Bishops are committed Christians and intersperse Scripture, words of encouragement and questions for personal reflection with their lessons.

In one chapter, Debbie recalls how the headwinds of the South Dakota plains slowed them down to 6 mph and forced them to wait in a small town until conditions improved. That teaches me that when I meet resistance in life, sometimes I need to adjust my pace or take a break instead of stubbornly wrestling with uncontrollable circumstances as I sometimes do.

On another day, the Bishops had misinformation about the terrain on a 90-mile leg between two destinations in Wyoming. They ended up climbing 9,600 feet, way above their previous high of 7,000. A 10-hour riding day turned into 13 hours.

Lesson learned: You can do more than you realize. They write, “When you do tackle something big and the results surprise you, let it be a lesson that you can rise to higher heights in the future if you are willing to attempt the climb.”


The Bishops honeymoon trip is the subject of another book, Two Are Better. For more information on Wheels of Wisdom, Two Are Better and their other books, visit their website


5 thoughts on “Kickstands and Nightstands: Wheels of Wisdom”

  1. I too try to control situations when I meed to sit back and go with the flow! I’ve rushed walking on my foot after surgery and paid a price of swelling…gotta slow down! I so agree that we are ALL capable of more than we think we are, we just have to get out of the “I can’t” mindset and take a step of faith.☺

    1. Take care of that foot. I actually fell in pothole at Michael’s parking lot the day after our last ride. Ankle sprain that still is sore, but I’m sill able to ride.

  2. Hi Jane,
    I love the title of your website, kickstands and farmstands! That is very creative and clever. Thanks so much for your review, we are truly blessed by your words. We hope lots of people read our book and enter into the adventures they have only dreamed of until now!

    1. Your trips have been an inspiation to me. I don’t ever see myself riding across the country, but I did ride 60 miles for my 60th birthday and plan to do a weeklong trip soon. I must now read your ebooks! I also like your courtship and marriage story and have shared with many friends.

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